The Hovawart

The hovawart is a German guardian dog. The name means: the ’watcher of the property’. The hovawart as an official dog breed exists since 1964, but there are written records and pictures which prove that this breed can be originated to the medieval times. The Hovie is a medium-sized dog weighing 30-45 kgs (65-100 pounds) and a height of 60-70 cms (23-28 inches). A hovawart is a strong, but graceful breed at the same time. Their coat is long, beautiful and silky, on the backside of the legs, on the neck and on the tail is more longer – that makes their appearance more decorative. Despite the beautiful coat it should not be cared for too much – a brush every week is enough, grooming and others are not needed. Hovies have the cold well, they should be kept on the yard but they like to be with their families – in the ’human house’ and on the couch as well. There are three colours of the breed: blond, black/gold and black.


The hovawart is a healthy breed, it does not catch any kind of illness easily. Their nature is really pleasant – calm but watchful at the same time, even-tempered, reliable, kind and devoted to their family. Hovawarts are friendly, tolerant towards children while playing with them. They are very good watchdogs. This breed is not rude, not a biter – still reserved with strangers.